Ruffle to the MAX!

I think it must be nearly two years ago now that I hacked a Misusu Patterns Max Tee (A free pattern if you get the code from their Sew & Tell Group on Facebook!!) for my littlest sweetheart. I added some gathers to the back, a puff shoulder and some simple embroidery to the bib.

Max Tee with embellished bib .

A few months back I was a little overwhelmed with sewing and one evening sat down on the couch to do some embroidery and I decided to do revisit this pattern, but this time taking the hacking a little further.

I really enjoyed taking my time in coming up with a layout for the embroidery and took two nights (one night each side) using simple stitches (French Knots and Outline Stitch) finish it.

I have been wanting to add some ruffles to a garment for my littlest for a while so thought it would be interesting to make the signature square bib of the Max Tee into a rounded one and add some very un-Misusu ruffles!!

I have always admired the work of Mijke over at Sew It Curly so I asked her for a little advice on the ruffles. I asked how much longer she makes the piece of fabric to get the gathering right (x1.5) and she also gave me some ideas on how best to finish the edge. I chose to double over the fabric so that there was no hem or raw finish at the edge of the ruffle and I think this was the right choice for a fairly loose weave linen.

Having posted a few progress pics on Instagram Elles from Misusu asked if I could document the process and write a blog so I did! If you would like to read how to round out the bib and add the ruffle go check out the blog post here!

Who would have thought that a Misusu Pattern could become an 18th Century costume?! Perhaps it has something to do with having watched Little Women before starting this project?

Writing up this post has made me want to get back to doing some embroidery. I’ve been working away for the past few weeks on my first bag pattern and could do with a quieter, gentler process.

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