#hackaTRAP No.2 – Mini Tote

I’ve loved seeing all the TrapINI appear on my social media feed and love when people start adding their own modifications to a pattern. But sometimes it is nice to have the thinking taken out of the process right?

In our last blogpost and over on the In Complete Stitches Sew & Share Facebook group you can find the HackaTRAP No.1 – Crossbody Purse – Mini Tutorial.

Here we have the second mini-hack tutorial, this one shows you how to take your TrapINI pattern and turn it into the cutest tote that ever was found!

The tutorial includes two methods.

Method A – as shown above the straps arranged as per the TrapBEAG TrapMOR pattern, and as hacked by Elles of @the_neon_notions to match a fabulous TrapBEAG.

Method B – using inseam straps as per the gorgeous TrapINI tote made by @maaidier to match a stunning TrapMOR.

Click on the button below to download the PDF of the #hackaTRAP No. 2 – Mini Tote tutorial!!

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