School’s out for summer!! Well nearly… and while I’d love you all to rush off, buy a SUNrise pattern and make all the wonderful teachers a beautiful handmade gift sometimes there just isn’t enough time in the day (or night) for zipper prep, right?

Over the past (busy) while my go to special little gift to make has been these lovely fabric plant pot covers to go with a beautiful indoor plant. They are super fast to sew up and who doesn’t like a gorgeous plant as a gift? Even better when clothed in some special fabric and handmade with love.

What is also good to know that if the poor ill-fated plant doesn’t survive (I’m on a lucky streak, my own little green babies are still surviving despite terrible neglect) the recipient will still have a beautiful fabric container perfect for holding lots of other treats and trinkets.

A few people asked if I had a pattern or tutorial for making them. I didn’t, as each time I’ve just made them up as I have gone along. But the enquiries planted a seed in my brain that wouldn’t go away and here we are!

Click here to go over to the In Complete Stitches Patterns page, scroll down to the bottom and you will find the PLANTme tutorial available to download!

I tried to keep it brief, but I’m not very good at writing quick tutorials. Instead you’ll find a pretty comprehensive tutorial on how to prepare your own PLANTme plant cover! The tutorial includes a guide and Top Secret formula (I feel like Willy Wonka!) that shows you how to draft the right sized pattern pieces to fit your own plant pot.

The PLANTme tutorial is free for you to download. However I would ask that you do not share it but instead kindly direct your friends to this page, or to the In Complete Stitches Sew & Share Facebook group where it has also been uploaded into the files section within the group.

I would love to see what you make with the tutorial and hear who is getting to enjoy your lovely handmade PLANTme!! I would love if you shared your PLANTme makes using the hashtags #plantmetutorial, #plantme or #incompletestitches. Better still come join our growing bag making community over on Facebook at In Complete Stitches Sew & Share to share your work and see all the wonderful inspiration!

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