APEXcarry all your worries away!

Ok, so I can’t promise this bag pattern will carry everyone’s worries away, but it will help you carry almost everything else!

The APEXcarry pattern is live!! It has been a while in the making and I am super excited to see what wonderful APEXes are just waiting to be made! You can go get it here, with a 20% discount on it (and the APEXpouch) until the Saturday 12th February! You’ll get 10% off all other patterns too!

APEX Beach Adventures

The APEXcarry pattern started off life with me wanting to make a lightweight, simple big beach bag of a tote for all the family trips to the beach, the park, the swimming pool… I wanted a wide open bag that you could just load up with blankets, thermos flasks, towels, togs, umpteen changes of clothes, wellies, books, sandwiches… you get the idea.

I had a selection of Merchant and Mills ripstop dry oilskin in my stash. It is lightweight, strong, and water resistant. Just the trick! I had just enough to make the APEXcarry, including lining it.

The Snap Strip and Loop idea came out in this bag for the first time, and as you can see the loop sits connected to the top middle of the main opening. In the final APEXcarry pattern the connection points have moved over to sit beside the hand straps so that there is a counterbalance between the downward drag of the Snap Strip and the upward pull of the hand straps.

APEX Development

As the pattern evloved more that a few additions were made. Firstly the option to add a main zipped closure. We do sometimes want a bit of security for our belongings and as the oversized APEXcarry makes a fab overnight/weekend bag a zip is pretty essential for that potential function.

A lanyard strap & swivel hood has been added to help you all avoid the fun and games of our trip to Kerry; our car key disappeared while we were in a pretty remote part of the south west of Ireland. We think it ended up in the Atlantic Ocean, via my husband’s pier jump off Brandon Quay… You’ll thank me someday for that lanyard strap and clip!

Additionally the pattern includes the option for an internal angled pocket and a zipped welt pocket.

During testing a fundamental addition to the pattern was made – the addition of a second, smaller size. A number of testers commented that they were thinking about making a smaller sized APEXcarry as a day-to-day version. I had made a 75% sized APEX before testing to figure out some details. It is a good handbag size, but felt that roughly 85% size would be a better size; still big but a little less daunting as the oversized version!!

And lastly!!! As I made version after version I noticed that when the sides of the bag folded in, the shape of the bag was lovely and gave it a very different, more gentle, aesthetic. It reduces the scale and makes even the oversized APEX feel more like a big purse than a beach bag. I resisted adding it as an option but finally gave in!

I’m delighted with all the changes and additions that have come together in the APEXcarry and can’t wait to see the pattern come to life!!

Fabulous APEXistas!!

I had a very patient bunch of testers on this pattern. The APEXpouch was tested at the same time but in the end I decided to wait until the new year to finalise and release the APEXcarry. I had bitten off a bit more than I could chew and needed a bit more time to properly assess and add those few changes and additions that arose during the process. Thank you so much for all the help, suggestions, feedback and amazing APEXcarries that were sewn over the past 6 weeks.

You can see examples of the testers’ amazing work below! Click on the pictures to go visit their Instagram accounts and check out their fabulous makes!

I have of course created an APEXbundle listing, because us sewing folk love a bit of matching! This listing brings you the APEXcarry and APEXpouch patterns together with a bundle discount.

All that is left now is to see what amazing APEXcarries appear in social media over the coming weeks and months!! The very best part of this whole pattern making lark!

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