Birthday Sale!!

Happy birthday to me!! And a sneak peek of the new pattern in the works

20% off all stand alone patterns and 10% off bundles! Go get ’em!! HERE!

Today is my 43rd birthday and it’s been a while since I’ve had a shop wide sale, so, until this coming Sunday, 21st August, there is 20% off all individual patterns and 10% off all bundles.


I’ve been quite enough over the past few weeks. It’s summer holidays and it is a struggle to get work done without the school routine. Even the few weeks that the children have been in camp have not been as productive as usual. But hey, that’s ok and I definitely feel like the household batteries have somewhat recharged!

But I have finally got a handle on the next pattern, the SPLASHpouch. A simple form with a few size options to keep it interesting and a bit of fabulous hackability there too. I’m workign hard to keep the tutorial straightforward but comprehensive and reckon there is a few more days work in that alone. I’m really enjoying drawing all the little diagrams though… you’d never guess how I ended up as an architect?

I’ve resisted a pattern with bound seams for a while. Why? I don’t know, I guess I didn’t like the idea of binding. But the construction of this really lends itself to binding and have made just a few test samples I was hooked.

Ooh and you might like to join me in my piping addiction too… though that is entirely optional!

I’m not yet ready to commit on a release date, but within the next month or so I hope!

x Sarah.

Makers Makes…

Love seeing Amy’s fabulous APEXcarries in action… Go check out Amy’s delightful makes over @brooklyn_bird_designs.

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