About me…

Hello! Welcome to in.complete.stitches!

My name is Sarah and I have always loved to work with my hands; be it drawing, knitting, model making, baking, lino-cutting, Lego (yes, Lego is well and truely back in my life after a 30 year absence!) and of course sewing.

I work for most of the day as an architect with my husband in our architectural practice, Keller Architects. (www.kellerarchitects.com)

At home we have three small maggots running around. At night, when all is quiet, I satisfy my sewing addiction. In fact, at this point I can’t be sure if I buy fabric to feed this sewing addiction, or sew to justify my fabric addiction. Either way, my stash rises and falls in an irregular cycle that has a dangerously upward trajectory.

Here I am layered up for a bright, chilly day at Dublin Zoo in Sapporo Coat by Pattercut Patterns and Catrin Shirt by Schnittchen Patterns.

I have set up this website with a few ambitions/goals in mind.

Firstly, to give me a focus to recording and sharing my handiwork. There are so many things I’ve made over the years that I have forgotten about. I was recently in my brother’s house and saw an appliqué on the wall that looked vaguely familiar… only to remember I had made it for his eldest son some 10 years previous! I would love to be more disciplined about recording my work so that I can continue to learn and take inspiration from it.

Secondly, I would love to further explore and document the sewing and fabric worlds around Dublin, Ireland and Europe and of course online. Since I was last in full sewing mode, about 20 years ago, the range of fabric and patterns available to Irish sewers has vastly changed. Many new shops offering modern, interesting, beautiful fabrics have opened offering fabulous competition to the more traditional shops that have been around for as long as I can remember. The online world has without doubt been a driving force in opening up the Irish market to the amazing potential of European fabric and pattern designers and suppliers. I’d like to spend sometime finding and visiting all our interesting local shops, figuring out what they offer best, what there focus is and at the same time , how to fill the gaps in the domestic fabric range with what is available to us online.

Finally, I guess I have ambitions to sell some of my own creations, mainly to fuel my sewing addiction. In time I plan to include images of what I have to offer and links to an ETSY shop where items can be purchased (ooh how exciting!).

That’s all for now. Thanks for reading and keep in touch!

x Sarah.

Me and my littlest chicken.