Beep Beep! One Thimble!

I discovered One Thimble Digital Sewing Magazine a year and a half ago, through Misusu Patterns. Their Origami Sweater pattern was featured in Issue 18 and I just had to make one! I’ve been loving the magazine ever since.

No.1 in his Origami Sweater by Misusu Patterns from Issue 18 of One Thimble.
Two Pixel Pullovers by Jennuine Design from Issue 19 of One Thimble
Lego Storage bag inspired by the Rock Pool Catch game from Issue 20

A couple of months ago One Thimble Digital Sewing Magazine put out a call for sewists/bloggers to contribute to their Issue 22 (out tomorrow, 13th November) in the form of tutorials/hacks. I thought I’d give it a shot and applied, and here we are! Well, it would be more correct to say over there we are…

Beep Beep and Camden
No.3 in her Beep Beep Cardigan and Camden Dress. She’s looking pretty happy.

I was asked if I could write a tutorial about how to use the Made By Jack’s Mum Beep Beep Sweatshirt into a cardigan. I had made the Beep Beep Sweatshirt from Issue 19 for No.2’s 4th birthday a year and a half ago, so knowing the pattern I was only delighted to give it a go!

Beep Beep Sweatshirt Kapow x3
No.2 in his Beep Beep birthday sweatshirt.
Fleece combined with French terry and jersey by Elvelyckan Design.

The tutorial talks through how to go about splitting the main front of the sweater, the neckband and the waistband and the adjustments needed to these parts to allow for buttons/snap closures to the front. I’m more than a little excited to have been able to contribute!!

This tutorial can be found in full here in Issue 22 of One Thimble Digital Magazine, but here are a few sneak peeks…

…draw and then cut a curved line joining this mark to the
folded corner…
…fold the 2cm facing back over, right sides together, sandwiching the ribbing. Fig 9
Pin the ribbing to the right side along the length of neckline, raw edges aligned. Pin the
centre point of the ribbing to the back centre neckline. Stretch the ribbing evenly along
the neckline pinning at the centre shoulder or at closer intervals if you like…
…serge/sew with a zigzag stitch the seam with a using the 6mm seam allowance…
All done!!!
Beep Beep Cardi in pink French Terry & ribbing from
Elvelyckan Design and yellow fleece from The Fabric Counter.

For the tutorial I made No.3’s Beep Beep Cardi in a Fleece and French Terry combo. It has gotten pretty chilly here in Dublin and having the fleece for the main body of the cardigan is great for a bit of added warmth.

As I say in the tutorial, unless pattern testing, I pretty much always size up for growing room and did so here. I love my children to get as long as possible out of the clothes I make. It’s a lot of work to make any item of clothing and at the rate they grow I’ll always go up a size, two sometimes!

A girl needs pockets. The Beep Beep Sweatshirt/Cardigan has to good big side pockets. As you can never have too many pockets I added some to her dress too…
One happy customer!

And the dress?

Because, honestly, it is all about “my beautiful dress” for No. 3 these days!

When it was released I had bought Issue 21 of One Thimble and had a plan to make the Camden Dress for No.3. I love that oversized Dolmen style on her (noticing a theme here!) and thought it would be the perfect opportunity to make it to layer up under the cardigan.

What a messer in her Camden Dress by Jilly Atlanta from Issue 21 of One Thimble. Patch pockets added – because we all need pockets! Fabric is “Luxury Cotton” from Stoff & Stil.
A simple bit of colour blocking and some contrasting buttons on the back.
Running around on a bright, chilly autumn day layered up in her fleece cardigan.

A little side project…

I had ordered an embroidery book online a few weeks previous and one evening after I had the tutorial written I took it out for a browse. “Embroidered Botanicals” by Yumiko Higuchi is a gorgeous book and, although I was pretty wrecked, I couldn’t resist sitting down to give one of the featured patterns a go. I made “King of Pigeons” and was thrilled with the result. I knew straight away that it could make a lovely embellishment on an otherwise simple dress.

“King of Pigeons”

I added two big patch pockets to the front of the Camden Dress and a mini pocket on top of one – with the embroidery on it. I used the same fabric (luxury cotton from Stoff and Stil) for a bit of colour blocking to the back of the dress and used some lovely off-white buttons.

Can’t be leaving No.1 out…

No.2 had his Beep Beep from last year’s birthday, No.3 now had hers so of course No.1 couldn’t be left out…

I used the exact same method for his cardigan hack, (including the sizing up!) He was initially unsure about the idea of a cardigan but the softness of the fabrics won him over and it’s one of the few sweaters he reaches for when I tell him to go up and get a jumper “It’s freezing outside!!”, then the fight starts to get him to put on a coat too…

No.1 in his cardigan. Dark grey brushed sweater and ribbing from Dress Fabrics and speckled sweater fabric from Guthrie & Ghani.
I added ribbing to the top of the side pockets of No.1’s cardigan.

What next??

I announced here on my front page and over on Instagram & Facebook that I plan on releasing PDF Patterns of my appliqué designs. So that will be preoccupying most of my sewing for the next while to come. I’ve a few collaborations on the cards and can’t wait to tell you all more!

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Another sewing addiction… Uh oh!

It appears that I have developed not one but two new addictions. The “quilt as you go” technique is so easy and satisfying, resulting in a beautifully textured piece of fabric. A wonderful way to use up scraps and to play with colours and textures.

The Niva has landed!

I’ve admired Sansahash’s cool patterns for a while now and when they put a call for new pattern testers to join their testing team I jumped in with an application. I was delighted to be invited to join the team! The first chance to test a pattern was for their Niva Leggings

An Appliqué Addiction Brewing…

A few people have expressed an interest in how I recently went about creating three animal themed appliqués. So here is a little insight into my very limited appliqué experience to give a bit of context, finishing with some of the steps I took to make my favourite piece to date

Some very special DIAmond Sewing

When Misusu Patterns called for testers for the DIA patterns a very special project immediately came to mind. I had never before sewn something for Marlie, my mum, nor did I have any photos of me, my daughter and my mother together. As it worked out I couldn’t test the ladies version, a trip to Romania got in the way (oh poor me!), but got my hands on the pattern as soon as it was ready, thank you Elles! Once the kids testing was done I got cracking on a sweater for myself and my mum.

DIAmonds for Divils

Misusu Patterns have just released their updated DIA Kids Sweater and Tunic pattern. The size range has expanded and an amazing number of options added (I personally love the high-low hem option that has been introduced). And what’s more; Misusu has now released a DIA Ladies version!! It is their first ladies’ pattern and what a super pattern to start with!!!

This post here is all about the DIAs for my pair of divils – more on the ladies to follow!!


“I do declare this is a FABULOUS FLORAL FEAST of a sweater!!”

I was delighted to get the chance to test the new children’s version. I must, here at the outset, admit to previously having been daunted by the pattern; it looks a bit tricky. When you’re trying to squeeze sewing in around the busy routines of life sometimes a pattern that requires a little effort can feel like a step too far. But this is why I love pattern testing. You’ve got to make that extra effort. Any by goodness this DIA pattern is worth every bit.

If, however, you’re still daunted Misusu have added both a basic front, a simple diamond piece and a constructed diamond piece. So you can decide to jump in with the full constructed diamond option, or take it easy and sew some lovely simple sweaters with some great hem and seam shapes. Pattern perfection for sure!!!

Misusu’s patterns are incredibly well conceived and constructed. The tutorials are detailed and comprehensive and when you follow the instructions the pattern just falls into place. Yes without doubt the constructed diamond requires careful attention to keeping your seam allowances even, but other than that there are no difficult techniques at all. Just a little patience. Which, when it comes to sewing, it turns out I am developing!!

“Yes, I love my puff sleeves, but I love my jelly more.”

For my first test version I decided to jump in with the constructed diamond and puff sleeves on the high low sweater version. I used quite stable sweater fabric, a combination of a purple/aubergine sweater from Metermeter and a floral liberty sweater fabric from Guthrie & Ghani. The little puff sleeves are very cute, though I reckon would be more effective in a slightly lighter fabric. A pretty perfect fit from the outset and my little diva was delighted with her DIA!

We love CANDY!!

A contrasting candy coloured delight!!

Next up I decided to go or the tunic length version, high low again, and this time used a combination of three contrasting French terry fabrics. The yellow and rust colours from See You At Six and the pink from Elvelyckan Design.

No. 3 is also wearing here Easy Cuff Leggings, also from Misusu in some denim look jersey from Dress Fabrics.

I love this bright candy coloured combination!! The tunic length is just great for those chillier days when an extra bit of cosiness is needed. Pretty damn stylish too!!

Pink perfection!!

The last test version I made is perhaps the most perfect little sweater I have ever made; a high low sweater in a soft, light but stable double sided French terry fabric from Guthrie & Ghani.

I love the subtle high – low hem.

The front of the fabric is a soft flat sweater finish while the “reverse” of the fabric is a pink looped finish. The stability of the fabric really helped achieve those perfect diamond points. I found it makes it so much easier to keep the seam allowances even and the seams lining up when there is not too much stretch in the fabric.

No.3 can get impatient when she sees a new jumper ready to try on…

The high-low hem created by Misusu, isn’t just a simple hem on a slightly longer back, but a carefully detailed pieced waistband that results in an shape that works beautifully with the diamond theme. Subtly angled side seams meet those waistband seams delightfully. It is so satisfying when it all comes together at the end!!

Neon Diamond Maddness!!

Neon madness!!!

I had finished my testing makes but No.2 was feeling a little neglected in the sewing stakes so I decided to make him a DIA. From his measurements I should have graded the pattern to make it narrower, as he’s a skinny tall chap. But with my pattern tester hat no longer on I was back in lazy mode and just went with his height measurement. So plenty of room for layers under this snuggly neon fleece DIA!!

My beautiful No.2.

I went with the straight waistband option for this one and used some neon polar fleece from Fabrics Ireland combined with French terry from Elvelyckan and See You At Six! You might need sunglasses for this!!! The grey ribbing was a little too heavy for the main fabric along the waistband, especially at the back, so ended up swapping it out for some lighter weight See You At Six ribbing.

A pair of DIAmond DIVILS

A pair of Diamond Divils.

No.2 is madly in love with his sister. She tolerates him most of the time, but deep down loves him too. They have the craic together, that’s for sure.

Brotherly love.

With a bit of reciprocation.

As always there was a great atmosphere within the DIA Kids testing group and the quality and inventiveness of my fellow testers was incredibly inspiring!!! A huge thanks to Elles for having me on the team; it was super experience once again!! While I didn’t test the DIA ladies pattern, I did get my hands on it as soon as it was ready (thanks Elles!) and straightaway got to work on a very special sewing project… more of that in a later post.

This post goes live right in the middle of the madness that is the Black Friday/Cyber Monday long weekend. Misusu Patterns are holding a big giveaway over on Instagram and there is 25% off all their patterns from the 23rd to the 26th November 2018!!