Jumping in feet first…

I set up this website/blog a week ago. Bought a domain name, set up a web-hosting account, picked a WordPress theme and got stuck in. It’s far from perfect but it is a start. It’s too easy for me to procrastinate so I decided I’d get the ball rolling and work on the details as time allows.

First order of business, now that this animal is living, is to feed it. So I’ve started compiling images of my sewing projects to date. Hmm, wish I had started using the dSLR sooner…

I plan to write a few posts about various past projects that I’ve found particularly enjoyable and inspiring or where I’ve learnt something that others might find useful/interesting. I will most likely concentrate on current/ongoing projects and hope to spend some time visiting local and national fabric shops and write a few posts about what I find!

The first of many posts!

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