Mellow Yellow, Glorious Green!

I love yellow. I love green.

Ask me my favourite colour and I’d be hard pressed to choose between yellow and green. Both are bright, joyful and fresh.

Spring grass and Sunshine linen

Luckily I’m not the only one who loves these colours; No.1’s favourite colour is green and No.2’s favourite colour is yellow. I got a great run of green clothes over the past few months out of an emergency purchase of green fleece from Fabrics Ireland paired with yellow jersey/college fabrics from Elvelyckan Design.  My favourite of the lot is this wonderful Origami Sweatshirt by Misusu Patterns.

No.1 delighted with his Origami Sweater. He loves the kangaroo pocket and the cosy neckline. His cousins reckon he looks like a superhero in it! Can’t beat that!
No.2 stretching in his beautiful yellow Raglan Tee by Brindille & Twig in an array of Elvelyckan Design Fabrics. He loves animals, especially “swimmers” and was particularly taken by the Narwhal sleeves.
No.1 acting the maggot in his fabulous Maxi Tee by Misusu Patterns with blue and green striped jersey from Quilt Yarn Stitch.
Fleecy Doris Skirt by Misusu Patterns for chicken No.3.

When it comes to clothing for myself though, I’ve a fairly red complexion and yellow isn’t always the most attractive colour on me, however much I wish it was. I was lucky enough recently to find a shade that is perfect for my beautiful No.3 and that I can also just about get away with wearing.

The Fabric Counter in Stoneybatter has stocked up on a beautiful range of linen fabrics (and now it seems they have a web-shop up and running too!!), and the shade of yellow is just beautiful. A soft, mustard yellow is how I’d best describe it, though that certainly doesn’t do it justice. I bought three metres of the linen with a couple of projects in mind…

The first project was a little pair of culottes for No.3. She has finally started walking so I felt safe that the bum wouldn’t be torn out of them immediately. The linen is a medium weight and I am hopeful that it will take a fair bit of wear and tear.

Upright and on the move!

And delighted with herself too!

As soon as I saw the fabric I was reminded of a gorgeous pair of yellow culottes I had seen made in Brindille and Twig’s new Culottes Pattern by Tina Ekklund Philp. She makes gorgeous clothes and has one super stylish mini with great attitude! Her culottes were paired with B&T’s new Cropped Sweatshirt (a super cosy looking version of that!); a perfect match. So I was armed with inspiration and a plan…

View of the back of the culottes.

I bought the two new patterns (because I need only the tiniest excuse to purchase a new pattern) and got to work.

The linen holds the wrinkles of the waistband beautifully.

The culottes were super easy to make, though took a bit longer than expected. I didn’t have yellow thread for my serger, and didn’t really want another colour muddying the beautiful colour. So I finished all the seams with a zigzag stitch and it produced a very neat finish, if  a little slow.  The pattern really is super easy. Made of only two pieces it couldn’t be easier to put together. It calls for 1″ elastic, but I only had 3/4″ elastic, and I think I will happily use that in future. Super easy to pass through the casing width called up in the pattern and perfectly adequate.

I’ve been using knit fabrics a lot of late and it was a pleasure to be sewing with a woven fabric that was so straightforward to handle. It also doesn’t wrinkle as much as I expected it to which is a huge bonus!! My serger is noisy, very noisy and I found it lovely and relaxing to be using the much calmer animal that is my sewing machine.

Now I had to figure out what to do with that cropped sweatshirt pattern I had bought…

Jumping fish and asymmetric sun!

With another straightforward pattern it seemed like a good time to stretch my (very limited) applique skills a little. Well, test them out anyway. I’ve only done some really basic applique in the past and was a little daunted by anything other than a very small area. I went into Hickeys on Henry Street in Dublin and asked for a product called Bondaweb. I wasn’t really sure if that was the right name, still amn’t, but they seemed to know what I was talking about and suggested some double-sided iron-on stuff. Boy it worked a treat! It really kept the applique stable and in place as I sewed. I also bought my first water erasable pen to draw the shapes. Wow, that stuff really works too! A damp cloth over the whole thing and the blue marks just disappear!

I decided to cut up a failed sweater I sewed for myself a few months back. (I had made the “Shirt Catrin” by Schnittchen Patterns out of a lovely red sweater and it turned out perfectly on my first attempt. It gets worn almost every week. My second version however in a heavier weight grey fabric was a bit of a disaster. The weight of the fabric made it far too bulky and sloppy looking.) I chopped it up and used it for No.3’s Cropped Sweater.

Another easy pattern. Unfortunately I banjaxed the sleeves a bit, partly due to the thickness of the sweater fabric. My serger did not appreciate having to work so hard. In the end I cut them off the next morning and just serged on some cuffs that I shaped a little to make a kind of cap sleeve.

I have a little stash of Elvelyckan Design fabric solids that I invested in a while back, including some yellow and dark blue “college” and ribbing, I went with a dark blue waistband and sleeves and a yellow neckband.

Fishy, Fishy, Fishy!

I’ve been  wanting to applique some little fish onto clothing for a while. (I’ve used them on soft toys I’ve made before; I love having the little fish hide on the back of the toy!)

A fishy friend hiding on the back of a penguin plushy

I cut out seven little fish from some blue fleece and hand stitched an eye on each. In the end I decided on three little fellows jumping out of the blue waistband sea with an asymmetric yellow sun shining down from the neckline. And oh it turned out great!!

No.3 knew exactly what was called of her when I put the culottes and sweater on. She immediately went to stand by our brightest, cleanest wall for some pics. And in fairness she was pretty patient for such a little chicken! She loves the fishy!

What a smile, full of sunshine as reflected in the beautiful fabrics!

Both patterns are perfect for the disconcertingly beautiful weather we’ve been having over the past few weeks. Airy and light, and super comfortable to wear.

In her natural environment…
I decided I needed a light and airy item too: here we are in skirt (Cleo Skirt by Made By Rae in Goodnight Laundered Linen by Merchant and Mills from Metermeter) and those beautiful yellow culottes paired with a great handmedown blouse.

For the second project I decided to attempt to make some wearable yellow clothing for myself… next blog coming soon!

(All the links here are entirely due to my love of the fabric/shop/pattern. I think it is great to be able to give a shout out for all those talented, committed people who help me enjoy this sewing lark as much as I do!)

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