Some very special DIAmond Sewing

When Misusu Patterns called for testers for the DIA patterns a very special project immediately came to mind. I had never before sewn something for Marlie, my mum, nor did I have any photos of me, my daughter and my mother together. As it worked out I couldn’t test the ladies version, a trip to Romania got in the way (oh poor me!), but got my hands on the pattern as soon as it was ready, thank you Elles! Once the kids testing was done I got cracking on a sweater for myself and my mum.

A DIA for me!

I had fallen in love with the little pink DIA I had made for No.3 as part of the Kids testing and luckily had just enough left to make one for myself.  (I gently encouraged my mum to select other fabric from my stash for her sweater. Sneaky of me I know…)

Me in my trusty, threadbare favourite jeans and my lovely new pink and grey High Low DIA sweater. Fabric from Guthrie and Ghani.

A DIA for Marlie!

Marlie chose another fabric I had bought on that one splurge made on Guthrie and Ghani‘s website; a heathered pink quilted sweater fabric. I decided to mix it with some of the lovely soft white sweater fabric from Quilt Yarn Stitch, (I had restocked my stash with more of this fabric when I visited their super stand and this year’s Knitting and Stitching Show). The use of the white sweater fabric really lifts the overall result and the second colour allows for a bit of play with the asymmetrical colour blocking potential of the DIA pattern.

Marlie in her asymmetrical colour blocked DIA.

I didn’t quite get the pieced diamond as perfect in Marlie’s sweater as I would have liked. I’ve found that you get the best results in the DIA when all the fabrics you use in one garment have an equal weight but more importantly an equal stretch. In this case the quilted fabric was a good bit more stretchy than the white sweater fabric, so it is a little tricky to keep all the seams lining up perfectly evenly.  The overall effect is pretty successful so I’m happy enough, and more importantly Marlie seemed thrilled with it.

It was a bit of a challenge to photograph the three of us in our DIAs. I got a few of Marlie and Julianne playing with some recently acquired wooden toys (Pojga toys from that trip to Romania and some Ostheimer Toys from Nimble Fingers). That wasn’t too hard, she’s mad about her granny and sure who doesn’t love a few new timber toys.

It was then time to get the kitchen counter and timer button on the dSLR set up! Usually it is a case of hoping the day will be bright enough to get good clear photos, but as our kitchen window faces south east on clear days the low winter sun can play havoc when trying to take pictures. I figured out a solution! A few meters of light weight muslin was just enough to take the harshness out of the direct sunlight and actually provided lovely, gentle variation and highlights to the light. It took a while, and poor Julianne had enough of the pair of us by the end!

Thanks Marlie (and Misusu)!

This sewing experience has been an extra special one. Firstly, the Misusu Patterns DIA is one hell of a pattern. I’m a big  fan of a high-low cut, the slightly cocoon shape and the construction of the pieced waistband finishes this sweater pattern perfectly.

But more importantly, I’m so grateful for the opportunity it has afforded to make something unique for my mum, daughter and myself and for the chance to photograph together these two most special ladies in my life. Marlie is an incredible woman, an inspirational mother, full of energy, resilience, generosity and joy. She is a wonderful grandmother to her 13 grandchildren, including my littlest here, the youngest of them. I’m looking forward to doing lots more sewing for both of them.


2 thoughts on “Some very special DIAmond Sewing

  1. Thank you Sarah. With this you have really moved me. And you’ve inspired me to start sewing sweaters for my loved ones too. I love it when creation inspires to do good.
    X Elles

    1. Thanks Elles! This is, for me, sewing and pattern testing at it’s best. Super design, great gang of fellow testers and some special people to sew for. I just love it! xx

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