Some sweet Dress Fabrics for a little Lollipop…

Sometimes the planets align and in my sewing world this happened a few weeks ago. I got a lovely message from Marina of Frocks & Frolics asking me if I would like to try out their new Lollipop Romper pattern. My littlest was in dire need of new pyjamas and I had never made a romper/onesie before so I was delighted with the opportunity to give it a go.

A few days later I had just ordered some lovely new fabric from Dress Fabrics and was reading their latest guest blogger post when I noticed that Maeve has an open invitation to those interested to apply to her to write a guest blog. Of late I’ve really enjoyed writing so decided to apply, sent Maeve an email and to my delight here we are!!

Here is the link to Dress Fabrics Blog where this post has been published today too!

Last week an extra special fabric delivery arrived to the office from Dress Fabrics. It contained my recent fabric purchase plus the extra goodies Maeve had sent me for my blog post project. The Lollipop Romper pattern calls for light to medium weight jersey/similar, some ribbing for the neckline and cuffs and 12 snaps for the crotch/legs.

Special Delivery from Dress Fabrics!!

The top middle three fabrics are those that I selected for my Lollipop Romper; Black Paint Splashes Print Cotton Jersey (95% cotton, 5% Lycra), Heathered Jersey – Pink (48% Cotton, 48% Polyester, 4% Lycra) and Mustard Yellow Ribbing (95% cotton, 5% Lycra).

(The other fabrics are pretty cool too, right? Camouflage Viscose French Terry, that will become Misusu Patterns’ Alex Pants for my boys. Lovely white/grey striped lightweight sweater fabric destined to be a Paper Theory LB Pullover for myself! And that fantastic comic strip jersey for which I have no plan, but I know my children will love.)

12 perfect discrete poppers in a row…

Maeve also had exactly the type of snap fasteners I needed for the project; Prym 10mm White Press Fasteners. Back in December when I was ordering a few bits ‘n’ pieces from Amazon I ordered a Prym Pliers and had yet to use them. Now was the perfect chance as I needed to fix 12 snaps to the legs and crotch of the romper.

Let’s get sewing!

I deliberately sized up one full size for No.3’s Lollipop. She measured for size 18-24 months and I made her size 2-3 years. Unless I’m pattern testing I will pretty much always size up for growing room. Children grow far too fast to be putting so much love and effort into clothing that will only last for a couple of months. When I’m sewing for No.1 I don’t mind too much if it’s not huge, as No.2 will get great wear out of it anyway, but little No.3 will have to learn to live with handmedowns and too big clothes… As you can see it is slightly “roomy” but in my opinion perfect for PJs that will last most likely for over a year.

I’m all for growing room and No.3 seems pretty happy too!!

The pattern comes with a good set of instructions. I prefer clearly drawn graphic instructions to photos, I find them easier to get my head around (but then I deal with drawing for a living), but the tutorial was nonetheless clear and comprehensive. In addition to this on the Frocks & Frolics website when you purchase the pattern there is an online video tutorial to take you through each step. In my arrogance I thought to myself, “Ah sure amn’t I great, I won’t need to use that!”

Having prewashed the fabric and cut out the pattern I sat down one evening when I was too tired to sew and watched the video tutorial through. I found it to be really clear and very useful indeed!! I hadn’t intended sewing that night but after watching it I was itching to get going and a few hours later I had the romper finished!

The video tutorial is divided out into steps so it was easy to go back to it, as you would to a written tutorial, to double check how/what you should do next. Having never done a snap fastener placket I found it really helpful to refer to as I was sewing each element. Marina describes what she is doing, and why, really clearly and gave me confidence to go for it. I’ve said it before in relation to other patterns, but I love how a really good set of instructions can give you the confidence to try something out of your comfort zone. I find it really so very satisfying to make something that has new techniques and is a little challenging.

Love the little crossover neckline detail!

The pattern came together really neatly, everything fitting together as it should. The fabrics are so lovely and soft and worked perfectly for this pattern. I was a little nervous that the jersey would be tricky to work with in the area of the snaps, but it had sufficient stability and worked a treat. I love the little crossover detail to the neckline. The width of the ankle cuffs is quite small relative to the width of the bottom of the leg, so having a ribbing fabric with good stretch and recovery is important. I’m so glad I got those pliers – I’m usually on my hands and knees on the floor with a chopping board and a hammer to fix snaps in place – using the pliers was sooo much easier!

When No.3 saw the romper hanging on the wall the next day, her response was “Wow Mammy, is amazing!!”, and as per usual I asked “Would you like to try it on?” to which she replied “No way Mammy!” She has me sussed and knows I’m going to want some photos…

Tricked into photos with the promise of a story… I am sneaky…

I convinced her to come over, get into her PJs and read a book. As I was putting it over her head she looked up with a smile saying “Oh, this nice!” and I have no doubt but that it was the lovely soft fabric that she was responding too!

Thank You!

Huge thank you to Maeve and Marina for their generosity in allowing me to play with their fabulous fabrics and pattern! I’ve just enough of the pink jersey to get a little t-shirt or dress out of it for No.3, but next on my list is an LB Pullover out of that stripy white/grey sweatshirt fabric of Maeve’s…

In the interest of complete transparency I should make it clear that I was provided with both the fabric and the pattern for free. The above opinions are all my very own though!!

Got that LB Pullover made – and then of course No.3 wanted in on the photos!

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