TrapINI pattern release

TrapINI Pattern Release! #grabaTRAP #hackaTRAP

Last Monday saw the release of the TrapINI pattern! I’ve been a bit slow in getting a blogpost done but here it finally is!!


First up! I had better tell you about the GRABATRAP20 discount that is still active (until 15th November!) which will give you 20% off all patterns over in our Etsy store! Click on this link and the discount will automatically be applied at checkout! We created another listing the TrapBUNDLE which includes both the TrapINI and TrapBEAG TrapMOR patterns at a bundle discount.

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Second up! Let me tell you about our newly formed Facebook Group!! In Complete Stitches Sew & Share is up and running and is a great place to meet fellow bag making addicts, get inspiration, ask questions and seek advice in relation to In Complete Stitches patterns; generally share the joy and satisfaction of bag making! Come join us!!

But lets talk a bit about the TrapINI; the TrapINI is the love child of the TrapBEAG TrapMOR and is a modern clutch style zipped bag pattern. It has a main zipped bag and a pocket to the front which can be made with or without a front flap.

The pattern is Confident Beginner level and comes with a comprehensive illustrated tutorial that will guide you through each step need to make yourself a fabulous TrapINI. The pattern includes A4/letter file for home printing, A0 file for copyshop printing and a projector file also.

See below a load of the most fabulous TrapINIs made by made most wonderful tester who helped me so much in testing both the TrapBEAG TrapMOR pattern and then stuck around with great patience and made some TrapINI too!! I extend huge thanks to them all for their vital input and huge enthusiasm and support.


The TrapINI is a straightforward sew as we deliberately kept it simple and uncomplicated, but it is a super hackable pattern and there are some fabulous #hackaTRAP tutorials to follow in the coming days and weeks to help you have even more sewing fun!! But hey, let’s not wait!! To get the hacking going here is the first tutorial:

TrapINI Hack No.1

TrapINI Hack No.1 shows you how to add some little crossbody tabs and make a crossbody strap so that you can upgrade your TrapINI to a gorgeous little crossbody purse.

Click on the button below to download the PDF of the tutorial.

Up next will be this super cute Tote hack – turning a trapINI into the sweetest little tote you could find!

Thank you so much for sticking round to the end. I can’t wait to see what people make of this pattern. The response the both the TrapINI and the TrapBEAG TrapMOR has already been fantastic and I’m loving see the patterns come to life!!

Don’t forget to go get your copy of the TrapINI pattern, and all In Complete Stitches patterns at a discount with the code GRABATRAP20 here in our Etsy Store (discount applied automatically using this link) until 15th November 2020.

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The In Complete Stitches Sew & Share group has just been created over on Facebook. Come join, get inspo and inspire others with your In Complete Stitches makes!

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