APEXcarry coming soon…

A super fast post! I’ve had a lot of new followers here at incompletestitches.com recently (hello, welcome and thank you for being here!!) and I wanted to give you all a quick head’s up that there are a load of pre-release giveaways happening over on Instagram before the release, this Saturday (!!!), of the APEXcarry pattern.

Check out #APEXcarry #APEXgiveaway and #incompletestitches !!

The wonderful team of pattern testers made some amazing APEXcarries (and APEXpouches) over the past 8 weeks and a gang of them are each giving away a copy of the pattern today and tomorrow!!

The pattern is ready and waiting for Saturday’s release and I have another post drafted to tell you allllll about it!! But that’s for Saturday and now it is time for bed!

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