Simply Sewing the MidnightSUN

Back at the end of last year I was delighted to be asked by Simply Sewing Magazine if they could publish one of my patterns. What a wonderful opportunity! We agreed on publishing a version the MidnightSUN bag. The magazine was on the shelves yesterday, 17th March, which also happened to be St. Patrick’s Day!

Space in a printed magazine is limited in comparison to the flexibility of a PDF tutorial. I needed to supply them with a step by step photographic tutorial. As the amount of room for steps is not infinite (and you all know I like to give you lots of options!) we agreed that I would provide the pattern, and make and photograph the steps, for the tall, open tote version of the MidnightSUN with a magnetic snap closure to the main bag.

For the fabric and notions I reached into my (extensive) Zipper Zoo stash… Rust dry oilskin combined with their raspberry lightweight canvas for the outer fabrics. I went with their yellow lightweight canvas for the lining. The only notions needed were cotton webbing for the straps, rivets to secure the pocket corners (totally optional, a stitched bartack works too) and a magnetic snap fixing!

I quilted the raspberry canvas for a little extra strength and texture, and partly because I think I just love any chance to do a bit of quilting… I also added a layer of H630 to the main lining, for a bit of extra gently squishy structure.

I was delighted when the editor said that they would like to feature the pattern as one of the 3 printed patterns they include with each edition. Which meant that it features on the front, and back, envelope cover!

Spot Simply?

As all the shops were closed here in Dublin yesterday I had to wait until today to go grab a copy for myself! Tonight I will get a chance to peruse the pages with a cup of tea.


To celebrate the release of Edition 93 of Simply Sewing I’m hosting a giveaway of a PDF copy of the original MidnightSUN pattern – with all the options! And Zipper Zoo are sponsoring a €25 voucher for their most dangerous bag making supplies shop! Pop on over to the Instagram giveaway post to join in!! It will run until Sunday morning, 20th March, and a winner will then be drawn at random.

The MidnightSUN pdf pattern, along with the SUNrise pouch pattern, is on sale with a 20% discount until midnight on Sunday too!

Other News

UKRAINE I was amazed by the response to my pattern sale last week and was very grateful to be able to donate €1505 to the Irish Red Cross Ukraine Appeal on Tuesday of this week. Thank you to every one who purchased a pattern or shared the sale.

I also wanted to help give my children and their friends the opportunity to take action so we hosted a musical get together in our small home on Sunday. I was utterly gobsmacked to be able to make a second donation on Wednesday of €3422.15 to the Red Cross. The children were all fantastic in their joyful singing, brave performances and general amazingness!

I will continue to donate 10% of sales on a fortnightly basis and keep thinking about what next action to make to support all those effected by the horrors of war. Feels like a drop in the ocean sometimes but the drops can add up.

There are many other creatives trying to extend a hand of friendship to the people of Ukraine. Nicola Brown, and eco printing and felt making textile artist, will, this weekend, be selling some of her beautiful work with 70% of proceeds going to the Red Cross. You can find Nicola here: website, facebook & instagram.

Come join our growing bag making community over on Facebook at In Complete Stitches Sew & Share to be inspired and to share your own In Complete makes!

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