APEXpouch Pattern Release

A really quick post to let you all know that the APEXpouch pattern has been released (shh I’m telling the rest of the world tomorrow, Saturday 27th November!) There will be giveaways happening over on Instagram, hosted by myself and a gang of wonderful testers over the next few days. Keep an eye out for #APEXpouch and #APEXgiveaway!

The APEXpouch is a versatile pouch pattern that comes in two sizes, small and large, with two main closure options; the Drawstring APEX and the Zipped APEX.

The small and large APEXpouches are sized to take a 20cm or 30cm closed ended zip. It has a simple modern aesthetic with angled outer pockets that can be secured with a snap & loop closure, a simple snap closure or subdivided with a line of stitching. 

The perfect pattern for a purse, clutch, small project bag, a wash bag or make-up bag. It’s clean, modern aesthetic will show off your gorgeous fabric beautifully and is perfect for colour blocking fun.

The APEXpouch and all other patterns (including the already great value bundles!) will be on sale with a 20% discount until Wednesday 1st December! Pop over the In Complete Stitches ETSY store to get your copy!!

It has angled outer pockets that can be secured with a snap & loop closure, a simple snap closure or with a line of stitching. Additionally, the large sized APEX comes with options for internal pockets allowing you to choose to add a 20cm zipped welt pocket and/or a subdivided angled pocket.

Tomorrow I will show you some of the wonderful pouches made during testing, but for now goodnight!! xx Sarah

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We’re in full Planetary swing now and this post will go through Steps 9, 10 and 11 of the main Planetary Backpack tutorial which will bring us up as far as getting the outer bag assembled!


Let the real fun begin!
This post will follow Steps 5-8 of the main Planetary Backpack tutorial, and will talk through how I added piping to both the Front Mountain Panel and the Front Flap.


Fabrics selected? Interfacing options figured out? Hacks decided? Well let’s get going so!
This Stage 2 post of the PLANETARYsewalong will focus on prepping & cutting out your fabric, applying any interfacing and working as far as Step 4 of the Planetary Backpack tutorial.


I’m very excited to get this Planetary Sewalong up and running! I know it’s prime holiday time now as we enter August and engagement might not be high. Nonetheless I hope a few of you enjoy either sewing along with me as I go through the making of this Planetary Backpack, or at least get a bit of insight into my sewing process and perhaps a little inspiration?

Float Sun Romance!

Abi from The Sewn Edge, Steph from Fabric Romance and I have teamed up to host a special little giveaway over on instagram tomorrow (Saturday 3rd July 2021).

SUNrise Thank You!!

It has been a fab SUNrise pattern release weekend. Thank you to everyone who took part; posting, hosting, sharing commenting and a few of you even won! Huge thank you to everyone who has bought the pattern and I can see that a few busy people have even sewn it up already!!

Wake up! It’s SUNrise!!

I’m thrilled to let you know that the SUNrise pouch pattern has been released and is available to purchase from my Etsy shop! The SUNrise pattern, along with all In Complete Stitches patterns are on sale with a 20% discount until the 8th June!!

Ready for SUNrise?

A really quick post to give you a little sneak peek and to let you know that the SUNrise, the next pattern in the SUNseries, is nearly ready to go and will be released this Saturday, 5th June 2021!

I know I’m not so good at keeping in touch here on the blog, but I hope to change that and let you know about all the releases, testing calls, discounts and giveaways here! To start as I mean to go forward; you should keep an eye out for all the tester makes and giveaways over on Insta, starting on Thursday 3rd June!

xx Sarah

The SUNrise is a versatile pouch pattern. It comes in two heights, cropped and tall, with LOTS of options. It has a simple modern aesthetic with a circular graphic forming a PiecedSUN, a Front Pocket SUNflap or a Fold Over SUNflap. It can be made as a simple pouch but offers lots of playful options and SUNhackability!

And because I know we all love a bit of matching, the SUNrise has of course been designed to sit neatly into a MidnightSUN bag.

To celebrate the release of the SUNrise pattern there will also be a store wide sale starting on Thursday 3rd June, along with the release giveaway fun!! OK, time for me to get back to the final pattern tweaks and tutorial adjustments!!

See you on the 5th June!


A super flexible pattern; the MidnightSUN can be made as a tote, shoulder or crossbody bag, with a snap, zipped or drawstring closure. It has a simple modern aesthetic with a large outer curved pocket to the front that is complimented by a curved internal pocket along with the option of a zipped welt pocket.