“in complete stitches”; amused, be all smiles, be in convulsions, be rolling in the aisles, be wreathed in smiles, gale, gales of laughter, to be cracking up with laughter…

“incomplete stitches”; those projects that got put down for a minute and then lost forever under the piles of fabric…

My two messers; No.1 and No.2 in their Raglan Tees by Brindille and Twig, fabric by Elvelyckan Design.

Thank you for visiting! I have set up in.complete.stitches to give some structure to my meanderings through the sewing world. I hope it will help me record and share my projects and also interesting discoveries in the online and on the ground worlds of fabric, patterns and sewing techniques.

A tired No.3 in her Petal Tunic (a free pattern) by Twig & Tale in a cotton/linen mix from The Fabric Counter

I’d like it to allow me to share both my creations and the satisfaction I get from each and every project. I hope to discuss specific projects and patterns as I find them, try them and learn new techniques as I go along. If I’m honest I probably have an ambition to sell some of the clothes/toys/accessories I make (again, another way to justify all this sewing, and feed the addiction), but let’s get to that in time.

Lotte Dress by Misusu Patterns, size 9-2 months, in sloth fabric from Quilt Yarn Stitch and cotton lycra ribbing from Elvelyckan Design.

I last went through a full on sewing phase 20 years ago and the world was then a different place. The local availability of interesting, modern, beautiful fabrics was limited. There is now a vast online world of inspiring sewing related websites that have sucked me in and I’m thoroughly enjoying the experience. Local Irish fabric shops have also upped their game considerably and there is now a wealth of interesting fabric shops out there! I hope to visit as many as I can in Dublin and around the country, and maybe even a little further afield. All the more reason to try  and sell some stuff to subsidise my expeditions!

Some hand sewn therapy. Double sided elephant. Gold fake leather from The Fabric Counter, in Stoneybatter. Teddy fleece from Madeline de Stoffenmadam.

Fundamentally it’s the pleasure of the creative process of making functional and beautiful (sometimes) clothing and other sewn items that has sustained this immersion. Here’s hoping this phase lasts for 20 or more years.

Oilskin Music Bag
Oilskin music bag, self drafted. Oilskin by Merchant and Mills, bought (on sale, thank god) from MeterMeter. leather and rivets from MyLeatherTool via Etsy.